HPC Race Camps

All-year-around Athlete Management

In consultation with all your relevant stakeholders, we design, plan and organise your entire professional sports year, so that you can dedicate all your focus on training. Our services included but are not limited to:

  • Yearly on-snow training & event planning (NH & SH season)
  • 12-month physical conditioning programming & monitoring
  • Access to expert network (ie. sports nutritionist, sports psychologist, etc.)
  • Equipment set-up and sourcing

Seasonal Race Training Programs

You will be signing up to a full service, athlete dedicated, one stop shop race training program with our expert fully certified coaching staff. We are running a full-time Children´s program and a full-time FIS Junior Program. Our full service includes:

  • 18 weeks on-snow race training program (December, January, February, March)
  • Free access to HPC gym facility, including cardio, strength, movement skills
  • Free access to HPC state of the art video analysis equipment and facilities. 
  • Free access to HPC ski tuning room with over 10 tuning tables ready to use
  • Free access to HPC race ski and bag storage, change rooms at HPC
  • Free access to HPC athlete lounge / kitchen / chill out area
  • Priority access to HPCAthleteManagement Program
  • Dedicated full time school tutoring academic program in the athlete’s local language and local certified curriculum.  School sessions are an integrated part of the athletes overall seasonal program – sessions are held and located at the local school.
  • Pick up and drop off airport shuttle service – Munich Airport
  • Athlete accommodation 5 minutes from the gondola – full board
  • Organized days-off road trips to Salzburg old town, Christmas Markets, Ice skating, climbing/bouldering and many more.

Weekly Race Camps

For those athletes that have other commitments but still dedicated to competitive ski racing – HPCs depth of race training programs allow athletes the choice to join training camps that enhance their specific required skills for competition and training enhancement.

If you are keen to join us during other periods, please contact us.


Come join the fun, be challenged and reach your potential!  Be part of our HPC family. We look forward to having you.

Melanie Rothman (tutor)
"As the tutor and carer of athletes in the HPC Leogang program it was my role to oversee the academic program of each individual student by providing an environment that allowed them to balance their training and study commitments. This role involves regular communication between schools, students and parents coupled with an understanding of each athletes unique needs and learning styles. Under this model, athletes were able to achieve success in their studies, which included some great exam results and the early completion of many of their course units.    Along with the academic program, Australia House was transformed into a 'home away from home' by providing enriching and age appropriate activities that allow athletes to connect with each other outside of the competitive realm. This included activities and competitions as well as special celebrations such as Australia Day. Guidelines and boundaries are put in place place to ensure the living environment is one in which athletes feel comfortable and safe to form and continue to develop lifelong friendships with their peers, coaches and the tutor. Additionally, the positive and productive relationship formed between athletes and their tutor and coaches ensures there health and wellbeing is monitored and managed so that they can maximise their time on snow whilst achieving success in the classroom.   Overall, HPC Leogang Alpine program has been and will continue to be, a professional highlight for me as I am able to witness and support each athlete."
Warwick Crawford (ski racer)
"The coaching team at HPC is committed to my long-term development and success. I love the structure and professional approach to 12-month programming and the training set-up at Leogang, which guarantees great training opportunities with top European athletes."
Vanessa Mahon (racing parent)
"My daughter Sophie attended the SSA Northern Hemisphere Camp in Leogang, Austria for the third consecutive year this January to April. The SSA camp really works well for the athletes because the training mountain, the new HPC dryland centre, the athlete accommodation and the schooling are all situated within close proximity to each other. In addition, the expert coaching has helped Sophie to progress in her ski racing with focus on individual areas. This approach has encouraged Sophie to push out of her comfort zone everyday."
Finn Bowes (ski racer)
"I’d like to thank all of you (Regi, Stoffl, Raph, Markus and Mel) for an amazing season of varying results and exceptional training. I believe I have improved greatly over the last three months and that is the result of amazing coaching from the lot of you. Thank you especially to Mel for helping me keep control of my schoolwork even when I was sick. I am very keen in coming back next year for the FIS camp and look forward to seeing all of you there."
Dear Racer. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Racer. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Coach. We organise everything for you...
Dear Coach. We organise everything for you...
Dear skier. When you've outgrown ski school...
Dear skier. When you've outgrown ski school...
About Us

We would like to welcome you to the new High Performance Centre Leogang (HPC)

This brand new facility is the vision of Christoph Maier – a dedicated and fully certified alpine race coach for over 15 years.  Christoph, born and raised in the beautiful alpine region of Leogang, himself a local alpine racer as a kid, is now leading the charge to push race training boundaries across multiple disciplines.

Christoph Maier


Regina Wintersteller

HPC Alpine Children´s Team Coach

Raphael Galler

HPC Alpine FIS Team Coach

Markus Steiner

Strength & Conditioning Coach